IT office is composed by graduated people who have an active past in the Free Software community and developed software for some of the major Open Source projects like OpenBSD and Linux kernel as far as closed source project in a lot of productive sectors.

IT office aims to take VIC to the future.
In fact, it developed a revolutionary infrastructure that modernized the goods inspection introducing technlogical help and thus imposing a standard approach in the operations of inspection.

The IT infrastructure is composed by a central cluster of servers based on GNU/Linux OS and a number of APPs that can sync order’s data from the servers from anywhere in order to perform the inspection. In particular the APPs are used to collect data, images and videos about the goods being moved. They automatically send these informations in real time to the central VIC servers.

These APPs are used by VIC personnel and supplier all around the world. Afterwards the data received are elaborated by the central servers and made accessible to VIC personnel and customers.

Through VIC Online portal customers can access their private section from everywhere in the world and check the state of their orders as long as relevant informations, images and videos about goods being moved.
In this way the owner of the goods can check the conditions of his goods in any time.

These APPs are specific for the type of inspection to be done:

Vic Damage Control (VDC): this system helps the operator to check and report damages in the goods, take photo of the damage and pretty report the details to the customer in real time.

Vic Cargo Control (VCC): this system helps the operator to do visual inspection of the goods through a server synced checklist

Vic Weight Control (VWC): this system helps the operator to perform weight checks on the goods discharged.

Vic Watch Online (VWO): this system allow the operator to take video of the loading/discharging operations. It this way the owner of the goods can view the video and notice if something is going wrong as like he is there.