Inspection and analisys

In the agro-alimentary field, we provide services in quality and quantity control, and supervision of loading and unloading with possible sampling and analysis (according to GAFTA and EU Norms and Specifications). We are also specialized in “weighing control” during the loading and unloading processes.

Controls are performed both on bulk materials and packaged goods.

In our labs we can sample the material to determine moisture and perform granulated analysis. The analysed samples are sent to third party labs where the analysis is controlled and certified.

In specific:

  •  Holds inspection
  • Estimation of weight by mean of draft surveys and/or weighting scale and/or automatic scales using conveyor belts
  • Visual inspection during loading and unloading
  • Quality determination and identification of possible anomalies
  • Control of the reloading of the goods at the docks, for the final destination (by trucks, railway cars etc.)
  • Plant InspectionInspection during production
  • Sampling according to international Norms and Specifications
  • Physical appearance determination, according to international standard
  • Size determination
  • Laboratory/Testing witnessing
  • Warehouses Inspection/Audit

The process uses sophisticated hand-held technologies and specially formatted barcodes, and generates detailed electronic results and reports for clients to view on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.