Inspection and analisys


We offer assistance during loading and unloading operations and in every phase of the transferring and/or handling of the products, in order to protect our clients from possible risks. For this reason, our services extend to all phases of movement and/or storage of the products.

In particular:

  •  Control of quantity and quality on board and at shore
  • Measurements and samplings according to international Norms and Specifications
  • Verification of pipelines and deposit shore tanks before/after loading/discharging
  • Monitoring of all operations performed by the terminal and by the ship
  • Verification of the cleaning procedures on the plants used for products movement
  • Monitoring and inspection of the refineriesSupply of specialized technicians
  • Intervention Inventories
  • Inspections of tanker-trucks and Depots
  • Laboratory/Testing witnessing
  • Warehouses Inspection/Audit

The process uses sophisticated hand-held technologies and specially formatted barcodes, and generates detailed electronic results and reports for clients to view on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.