Vic is the first inspection company in the world that can offer to his customers CMA REAL TIME INSPECTION SERVICES AND SMA REAL TIME INSPECTION SERVICES VIC provides trade facilitation support services WORLDWIDE. Such trade facilitation support services includes Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) services and Stock Monitoring Agreement (SMA) services.

Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) services

CMA services are formed between a financier (bank) if goods are pledged to bank and finance transactions are involved between Bank and owner of goods whose goods are pledged to bank, a depositor/borrower (owner of the goods pledged to bank), the collateral manager (inspection company) and the warehouse provider (storage provider for Third party storage).
Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) is signed between parties as referred to above either tripartite or quadripartite. CMA services facilitate the import and export of trade of agricultural, fertilizer, raw material, petroleum and many other commodities. Under CMA, the physical commodity is received into a storage facility such as warehouse or silo and retained under exclusive custody until the collateral manager is instructed by the bank or the borrower to release (partially/totally) the commodity.

Scope of work under CMA services:

Preliminary inspection of the storage facility assuring suitability for storage of goods
Supervision of stacking/storing of goods into a warehouse or silo
Issuance of warehouse or silo receipts
Daily verification of the commodity condition and quantity stored
Supervision of inbound/outbound movement of the commodity upon receipt of appropriate written instructions
Recording and reporting of in/out movement of the commodity

Stock Monitoring Agreement (SMA) services

VIC also provides stock monitoring services for verification of quality and quantity of commodities stored in warehouses and silos. The Stock Monitoring Agreement is signed between the parties involved in the stock monitoring. The commodities under SMA are generally not held under exclusive custody. The documents related to commodities storage/movement are verified and validated by the SMA provider (inspection company). The in/out movement of commodities supervised. All recordings are reported in REAL TIME to our customers through our new innovative information technology system dedicated to CMA and SMA services.
Our customers can monitoring all the informations below reported in real time though the customer area or the application. Real time streaming video is also available.

Do not hesitate to contact VIC to find out how our REAL TIME INSPECTION SERVICES can facilitate your trade and reduce the risk of loosing money.