Compliance Government


Compliance Government

VIC’s Compliance & Business ethics based on the TIC Council (TIC) code outlines our company’s ethical and compliance standards for conducting quality and quantity inspection activities throughout the world and serves as a guide for employees when they face dilemmas where the right choice is not clear. Our Code is based in our Guiding Principles, which are ingrained in our culture and serve as the foundation for the behaviors expected from all of our employees in all parts of the world.

Our Guiding Principles

We obey the law. Obeying the law is the foundation on which our reputation and Guiding Principles are built. As a global holding privileged to do business all over the world, we have the responsibility to comply with all of the local laws that apply to our businesses.

We conduct our business with integrity. We take pride in conducting our business with integrity. We compete vigorously, but do so fairly and ethically. We do not offer or accept bribes or inappropriate gifts and we always comply with the local and international laws and regulations that support fair competition and integrity in the marketplace.

We keep accurate and honest records. Accurate and honest records are basic to making sound business decisions and maintaining the integrity of our financial reporting. Our business information, in all the forms, must reflect the true nature of our transactions.

We honor our business obligations. Our business relationships are grounded in mutual trust, and have been throughout VIC’s history. We work very hard to build and maintain the trust and confidence of our customers by communicating honestly, respecting information entrusted to us and standing behind our commitments.

We treat employees with dignity and respect. We achieve our goals through our people. We provide a safe workplace and value the unique contributions of our global team, enabling those who support VIC’s goals to achieve their own individual potential.

We protect VIC’s information, assets and interests. We count on one another to act as stewards of the organization. To preserve the value of VIC, we protect the information and assets entrusted to us and avoid situations that may let personal interests influence our business judgment.

Our online Ethic line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for employees and third parties anywhere in the world (subject to certain countries’ legal limitations).

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