VIC was founded by Alessio Bisutti who, after developing a long time experience in inspection field, decided to build a company able to offer to its customer a professional, technology focused, clear and reliable service. Started from scratches in Venice in 2006 as small local inspection company, now VIC Group is one of the biggest player of the global market.

Since the beginning, the main target of VIC was the reduction to zero of the lead time of the inspection. Now the target is achieved, because VIC is providing to his Clients all the results and findings without any delay. In facts, delays and distances has been reduced to zero, thanks to the massive technologic investments, which VIC is doing continuously.

VIC is the first and unique company that offers technology-aided inspection.

Our numbers

VIC is present with 27 different companies and more than 50 between offices and labs in all major ports of the World. In all the places where you need to protect your goods, VIC is ready to offer reliable services that fit your needs.

What we offer

The number of services in goods inspection that we can offer is wide, ranging from simple quantity and quality inspection to complex solution to fit specific needs:

Technical Inspections
Government Inspections
Laboratory Services
Forwarding Agents
Shipping Agents
Tailor Made Inspection and Services

VIC is different from the other inspection companies because it designed, developed and patented four different technologies used by our surveyors all around the world. Our customer can check the status of the inspection and of their goods in real time just by accessing our online system from the web and from mobile phones. Photos of the goods, videos of operations and status of the inspection is all there, in our customers hands directly from the port with no added steps.


VIC strongly believes in innovation and technology research as long as human relationships. We build technological tools in order to help people, not to replace them. Our goal, in the short and long term, is to be worldwide and to always be the right choice for the customer when he need inspections.